Five Minutes With: Thomas Arakal, managing director, Hydro Middle East

Thomas Arakal, managing director, Hydro Middle East.

“Recently we have been awarded a performance rerate on a critical pumping application. Hydro successfully convinced (by providing empirical evidence) a customer to consider hydraulic modification on the existing pump to alter the pumping capacity of the pump, thereby saving not only the cost of the new pump replacement but also costs of the pump modifications and alterations on the footprint and the piping configurations of the pump. A huge amount was saved by our proposal to modify the pump hydraulically rather than replace the whole unit. Our proposal saved the customer significant savings on costs with minimum interruptions to their operations.”

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Hydro Middle East performs swift re-build on fire-damaged circulating pumps

Two fire damaged pumps arrive at the Hydro Middle East Service Centre.

“Hydro Middle East, specialists in pump rebuilding, particularly in the oil and gas industry and other industrial markets was called in to assess the damage and redesign and rebuild the fire-damaged pumps. Hydro’s engineers first evaluate the causes of any pump damage or failure and then provide expert engineering analysis and a responsive field service.”

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