New Pumps

New Pumps

Hydro Middle East distributes various product lines from reliable pump manufacturers all over the world.

  • BFI Pump Company - USA
  • CW Hydro - Korea
  • KJI Hydro - Korea and USA
  • Nagle - USA

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  • BFI Pumps
  • CW Hydro
  • KJI Hydro Pumps
  • Nagle Pumps

BFI Pumps

In 1995, Hydro acquired the former Pacific Dresser line of boiler feed pumps - BFI (8" and above) and became the OEM for this product line. BFI is a well-established product line with installations in power stations and industrial plants throughout the world.

OEM replacement parts are manufactured at Hydro's state-of-the-art facility in Houston, Texas, (USA), which is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Hydro Middle East can service and provide replacement parts for BFI pumps, which range from 8" to 18" with capacity of 12,000 gpm, up to 9,000 lbs., and heads between 15 - 20,000 feet.

Since acquiring the line, Hydro has implemented upgrades and modifications to enhance pump performance and improve pump reliability. These include:

  • Case temperature and monitoring devices
  • Alternate bearing designs
  • Improved rotor dynamics
  • Hydraulic upgrades
  • Alternate shaft sealing devices and systems
  • Internal element improvements
  • Alternate hydraulic balancing devices and attachments
  • Improved head to case sealing
  • Augmented vibration and bearing temperature monitoring
  • Improved bearing housing design & drip pocket construction

CW Hydro

Hydro Middle East works with CW-Hydro, a Hydro subsidiary, to distribute process pumps worldwide. CW-Hydro is a leading South Korean developer and manufacturer of precision-engineered pumps for critical service applications where high reliability is required. Hydro Middle East distributes the CW-Hydro product line which includes the following types of pumps:

  • API pumps
  • High temperature boiler feed water
  • High pressure feed water
  • Multi-stage turbine
  • Multi-stage horizontal split case
  • Double suction horizontal split case
  • General service double suction
  • ISO Process
  • Self Priming Process
  • Horizontal Mixed and Axial Flow

KJI Hydro Pumps

Hydro Middle East offers customers a broad array of KJI Hydro pumps for a variety of applications in wastewater, storm water, chemical, power generation, petroleum, mining, steel, paper, and other general industries.

Manufacturing to ISO and ANSI standards, KJI is the market leader for submersible pumps in Korea and has provided pumps to industrial users throughout the world. To receive more information on the KJI Hydro Product line, please contact Hydro Middle East directly.

Nagle Pumps

Hydro Middle East represents the full line of heavy duty Nagle Pumps, which have proven to be reliable for abrasive, corrosive and high temperature applications. A wide selection of designs, components and materials of construction allow you to obtain a pump that meets your specific requirements.

Nagle’s product line includes:

  • Vertical Cantilever pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Horizontal pumps
  • Submerged Bearing pumps